Child Hope International is a ministry organization serving disadvantaged youth in Nepal and Myanmar. It is organized in the US as a 501(c )3 non-profit, overseen by a US-based board of directors. Child Hope was originally founded by Silas Khadka, a university-educated Nepali national who became involved in helping underprivileged children in Nepal while serving as a pastor in Kathmandu.

In 1993, he formalized his work by founding Child Hope International. Serving as Director, he and his team grew the organization to serve the needs of youths in several of Nepal’s governing districts. In 2003, Silas relocated to the US, where he continues to serve as Child Hope’s Director, supported by an in-country director in Nepal. In 2015, Child Hope expanded its work to include supporting youth in Myanmar.


Child Hope is 100% funded through the gracious support of donors, both individuals and churches in the US and abroad. To donate online, please click the GIVE NOW button below. Note: you will be transferred to donorbox, our donation processing partner.



About Nepal: located between India and Tibet, “Nepal is among the least developed countries in the world, with about one-quarter of its population living below the poverty line. Nepal is heavily dependent on remittances, which amount to as much as 30% of GDP.” (source: CIA World Factbook). Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted those remittances (i.e. Nepali workers abroad sending funds back to Nepal), leading to increased poverty and a growing population of at-risk youth.

Director Silas on HorseDear Friends,
Looking back over the 27 years of Child Hope’s work to care for youths in Nepal and Myanmar, I am most struck by the impact we’ve had on individual lives. I think of the 115 children, who went from being homeless in a poor village with no hope to becoming the first college educated person ever from that village. I think of the three girls whose likely future was child slavery, instead

growing up to become college graduates and, last year, each becoming a joyous bride. Nepal’s future remains uncertain – it’s a poor country facing ongoing political and economic struggles. Myanmar faces similar struggles. But I believe there is hope, because I’ve seen God’s love work through dozens of faithful families to save and bless hundreds of children. And I remain incredibly grateful for the support Child Hope has received over the years, from faithful donors who provide us with the funds, encouragement, and prayers we need to continue our work of “bringing hope, family and Christ to the hopeless.”
In Christ, Silas